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2010-03-12 22:29:14 by gamezattackz

Go subscribe to us on YouTube and sign up on our website. New videos released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday


2010-02-03 15:37:31 by gamezattackz

we made a film! our very first real movie. yay for us.

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I Love the Gaming World

2009-12-27 00:18:47 by gamezattackz collection/522502

We ae asking all of our viewers to recommend us for a collection. Thanks and have a Happy New Year!

Video Game Parody Collection

2009-12-17 19:04:19 by gamezattackz

Part 1 - Completely done
Part 2- Done (editing)
Part 3 - Begun
Part 4 - Not Started
Part 5 - Not Started
Part 6 - Not Started
Easter Eggs- Begun

New flash collection

2009-11-22 14:30:34 by gamezattackz

Zebeast12 and I are making a submission, almost like a collab, but with many video games. Part 1 was released, and might i mention IT WILL BE PUT INTO THE ENTIRE SUBMISSION ONCE IT IS DONE! This was only a test to see if it worked.

Update: We have the main browsing menus done and we have an easter egg on the main menu. Only the first out of the six flashes are done, but they should be done over a collaborative effort between Zebeast and I this weekend (likely Friday)

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